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Creating an ultra-high throughput blockchain is a complicated task that takes the utmost in dedication, focus, and resolve to complete. However, performing such a feat of software development simply isn’t possible without a robust set of values and a clear goal.

The BlackPearl.Chain team began its quest with a simple mission residing at the core of its project: To improve the lives of people around the world through better technology and a humanitarian economic model. Blockchains should be as decentralized and fast as possible to entitle people with the freedom to develop, host, and use the unstoppable DApps that form tomorrow’s economic backbone.

Sadly, as time goes by, most blockchains are diverging from a principled approach. Instead of becoming more decentralized, public blockchains are choosing centralization to increase speed. This take is short-sighted and imperils the security of a blockchain.

Here at BlackPearl.Chain headquarters, we believe that a public blockchain should attain the trifecta of security, decentralization, and performance – all at once. While other projects may share that belief in principle, we’re the first to make it a concrete reality. With every line of meticulous code, we’re bringing the decentralized future close at hand.
BlackPearl.Chain - Public Chain Reinvented
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