What is Digital Asset?

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The current stage of the economic development of society is characterized by the formation of a new field of economy – digital economy, which is caused by the increasing role of digital technologies as well as information and communication technologies in the development of all major branches of science. Digital technologies that have emerged over the past decade help to find sources of increased efficiency and the possibility of rapid competitive development of market business structures. At the same time, they require restructuring of existing business processes based on new values, priorities and focus on customers, innovation, uniqueness, right to use and transfer, synergize.

The development of the digital economy as a whole, and of digital technologies in particular, has led to the emergence of a new term “digital asset” and to the rapid development of related processes.

Today, the term “digital asset” does not have a single comprehensive definition that would fully reveal the essence and content of the term. This fact greatly complicates the understanding of many processes related to the use of digital assets and quite often affects the distortion and misinterpretation of information laid down in the basis of existence of digital assets. Such terminological confusion creates stable conditions for further establishment of the inconsistency and ambiguity not only of the term “digital asset” itself, but also of the prospects for its use. Therefore, it is relevant to clarify the definition of the term “digital asset”.

The analysis of modern scientific publications and research works on digital assets shows that today there is no clear definition and understanding of this term.

https://www.bitbon.space/en/substantiat ... ital-asset
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Muito interessante essa publicação pois, venho acompanhando o crescimento das moedas virtuais, e o futuro, serão delas.... Os responsáveis por esse surgimento, não só terão que realizar milhões de estudos para desvandar mistérios por tráz desse desenvolvimento, como também, acabar com o direcionamento de tais moedas para uma pequena minoria, e difundir para uma grande massa, que é a de consumo. Iremos debater muito isso.....
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